I'm launching my start-up, what does the “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” Start-up pack represent?

I'm launching my start-up, what does the “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” Start-up pack represent?

When a start-up is created, it always needs credibility and this is not easy when you have limited funds and investment but are overflowing with ambition. 

SUXYS® think of start-ups with its Start-up pack " PRIVATE BANK LABEL And we provide you with the means to act quickly.

With a minimum investment in a Sart-up pack « PRIVATE BANK LABEL »Develop and create your own label on behalf of your start-up. You will have a label " PRIVATE BANK LABEL Behind your start-up which can encourage future investors or collaborators to join you. 

Indeed, no payment of funds to personal or fraudulent accounts, thanks to your Start-up pack " PRIVATE BANK LABEL "Any potential investor or collaborator knows where he puts his money because it is a guarantee of quality the Start-up pack" PRIVATE BANK LABEL »The label, for SUXYS®, is essential in the creation of a start-up and you will readily agree that having a “ PRIVATE BANK LABEL »Start-up pack at the launch of your project will reassure your investors and your employees, the security of their investment above all.

The Start-up pack “ PRIVATE BANK LABEL »Allows you to create multi-currency partner accounts for your employees, they are very useful for the various operating costs linked to your activity. You provide them with a payment card from your label where they can use the budget allocated monthly by yourself for the various costs that an employee may incur for your start-up. Thanks to the multi-currency account, your collaborator does not have to advance the costs and keep you visible on the activities, simplicity for you and your collaborator. As a start-up and thanks to the Start-up pack “ PRIVATE BANK LABEL »No more advance or reimbursement on the costs of your employees. You can thus budget all the expenses linked to your collaborators.

A Start-up pack « PRIVATE BANK LABEL »Also allows you to pay bonuses to your employees with complete transparency on the various actions. 

So don't hesitate, contact us at hello@suxys.com,Launch your label SUXYS® a few clicks.