A Solution for the launch of ICO and STO? Accounts Cards Tokens ... Discover SUXYS

A Solution for the launch of ICO and STO? Accounts Cards Tokens ... Discover SUXYS

Do you want to set up an ICO or an STO? Have you ever heard of the Token creation and management solution (Token, Bitcoin or Ethereum or any other ERC20 type tokens). \

Simple and Quick to set up the LABEL solution (PRIVATE BANK LABEL or BITCOIN BANK LABEL) was created especially for entrepreneurs and companies looking for a complete solution for creating and managing online tokens and wallets.

In a few clicks you can create your “PRIVATE LABEL”! A Label in the name of your choice (type LTD or Limited Uk share capital between 1 and 100 GBP), A multi-currency bank account, An online management platform for your tokens and the credits of your investors or users.

What our “PRIVATE LABEL” offer includes

  • Domain Name (Label Name)
  • 1 year hosting
  • Label Showcase Site
  • Customer Area (Token Management, Purchase, Exchange, Withdrawal, Transfer ...)
  • Manager 1 year (Natural or Legal Person)
  • A Multicurrency Bank Account (Label)

How long does it take to set up a Private Label?

The establishment and activation of a private Label takes on average 72 to 96 hours after receipt of the following documents: Passport and Proof of address of - 3 months.

Unique for ICOs and STOs and for your investors?

A solution specially created for entrepreneurs and companies who wish to create an alternative solution to traditional financing! Generate your own tokens (EUR-C + Name of your Private Label), buy, sell and exchange your tokens in real time. The automatic value of the tokens is: 1,00 EUR-C = 1,00 EUR.

Available on all digital media?

SUXYS and SUXYS TEHCNOLOGY solutions are available on smartphones and tablets, as well as on computers.

Customization of the Label?

Freely customize your Private Label! You can add your logo, your slogan… Your Label is totally customizable…

Automatic Token Management Solution?

The Private Label Solution is fully automated, it offers total security to its users and ease of use due to its multi-language mode and simple menu. The creation of tokens is automatic at each request from you, clients and other investors.

How to contact SUXYS?

Obtain more information on the creation of your Private Label (PRIVATE BANK LABEL or BITCOIN BANK LABEL), email: hello@suxys.com, you can also order freely from our website www.suxys.com.