How does the SUXYS ® “PRIVATE LABEL” work?

How does the SUXYS ® “PRIVATE LABEL” work?

A turnkey solution for companies and individuals who wish to establish their own “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” or “BITCOIN BANK LABEL” labels. SUXYS ® offers its customers the possibility of creating their own financial labels in a few minutes from the website ...

What is the ”PRIVATE LABEL”?

SUXYS® offers a turnkey label creation service called "PRIVATE BANK LABEL or" BITCOIN BANK LABEL "its labels operate independently and do not require any knowledge and qualification of" MBA "(Manager Bank Account) or other knowledge.

The solution of ” PRIVATE BANK LABEL "Or BITCOIN BANK LABEL ”Offers exceptional comfort, Vision of commissions on the partner area, monthly payment of label rights and commissions, solutions designed and managed at any time, customer service and virtual office, payment cards in the name of the Label, an installation in 96 hours by SUXYS®.

Payment services, financial management, security of funds, application of international and national regulations, applications of "AML" - "CFT" - "KYC", as well as management of "E-Banking" of " PRIVATE BANK LABEL " and " BITCOIN BANK LABEL »,« GOLD BANK LABEL »,« ETHEREUM BANK LABEL »,« DIAMOND BANK LABEL Are carried out by financial institutions.


A Label in your Image with your colors, your logo… your series of personalized payment cards… A label is the best alternative to the creation of a private bank. This formula offers a complete turnkey management solution… You only have to 'a single mission to promote your ” PRIVATE BANK LABEL ”Or” BITCOIN BANK LABEL ”And monitor your income in your partner area.


Setting up Label takes between 48 and 96 hours depending on the plan chosen. Our installation service will notify you of the configuration and delivery of your ”PRIVATE LABEL“