How is the remuneration and commissions going?

How is the remuneration and commissions going?

Compensation is defined as bonuses linked to the various actions made on your “PRIVATE BANK LABEL”According to a price list set by SUXYS® .

Indeed to make its offer attractive “PRIVATE BANK LABEL ”, SUXYS® has defined a bonus price list for the activity of your “PRIVATE BANK LABEL“. Once the activation of your “PRIVATE BANK LABEL”Is carried out you will be able to generate bonuses on the different activities of your“PRIVATE BANK LABEL ”. SUXYS® reverse your bonus due to your “PRIVATE BANK LABEL”Every first Wednesday of the month.

The activity of your “PRIVATE BANK LABEL”Is a paid activity and it generates bonuses every month. The more your “PRIVATE BANK LABEL”Is active and records movements, the more interesting your bonuses will be.

Paid transactions can be of any kind. You will have the full bonus grid once your “PRIVATE BANK LABEL”Active. Bonuses are calculated on the monthly activity of “PRIVATE BANK LABEL".

A "PRIVATE BANK LABEL”Brings you added value thanks to the movements that will be carried out. You have the possibility of remunerating yourself very well thanks to your “PRIVATE BANK LABEL“. All the actions you are going to perform will earn you a percentage every month. While maintaining transparency of your activities, your “PRIVATE BANK LABEL”Will pay off your initial investment every month.

You can become financially independent very quickly. And guarantee you every month thanks to your “PRIVATE BANK LABEL”A source of comfortable income.

So don't hesitate, contact us at your label SUXYS® a few clicks.