How does registration on one of your SUXYS ® labels work for my company?

How does registration on one of your SUXYS ® labels work for my company?

The SUXYS® solution is a solution for individuals but also for professionals, so we are able to create a label that reflects your company. And to do this it's extremely simple. In a few clicks you will be in possession of your label for your company.

First of all, you will have the choice to make on the type of label that SUXYS® offers you. We have 2, a “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” or a “BITCOIN BANK LABEL” it's a simple but important choice because it will define the axis you want to give to your label. Second, the choice of your label plan “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” or “BITCOIN BANK LABEL”, there are 4 available in pack, ONE pack, FAMILY pack, CORPORATE pack, BUSINESS pack. Also choose your pack well because it determines the field of action of your label. Once you have made these 2 choices, you must subscribe to the label and pack chosen for your company, a regulation for the creation of your label will be requested and it is only after validation of this that we will create and configure your label. Third, the configuration of your label for your company will be done in conjunction with our creation department with whom you will move step by step towards putting your label online. All the data relating to the creation will be important because it is the image that you want to give to the label of your company that will emerge from it. Fourth, the establishment of the label for your company is complete and ready to go. Once these four steps have been fulfilled we can say that your registration is complete and you can thus consider that you are ready to present your label.

In summary, registration on a SUXYS® label is done in four small steps:

  • Choice of plan (ONE, FAMILY, CORPORATE or BUSINESS).
  • Regulations and configuration of your company's label.
  • Commissioning of your company's label.

The SUXYS® solution is simple, fast and effective.

So don't hesitate, contact us at . Launch your SUXYS® label in a few clicks.