What is the ONE Label at SUXYS ®?

What is the ONE Label at SUXYS ®?

A Label ONE “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” is the easiest and fastest pack to configure for you. Indeed, the ONE pack "PRIVATE BANK LABEL" is the possibility of creating and shaping your label very quickly. It is configured in a few days and you will be very quickly active with your label.

The ONE “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” pack is the assurance of having an automated partner account and a multi-currency payment card at your disposal. The automated partner account allows you to manage your label from any of your digital devices (smartphone, PC, tablet). You have a detailed view of your transactions such as transfers or payments. You also have the option of ordering your payment card using the form available on your dashboard. The blocking and unblocking of it are also under your control. You have full management of your ONE “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” pack. The multi-currency payment card that you will receive will also be shaped in your image with the visual of your label, the name of your label and the color of the background map will be configured by yourself and will reflect the brand image you want to convey .

The ONE “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” pack is the ease of creating your brand image quickly and being able to make yourself known very quickly thanks to your label. Creating a label with the ONE “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” pack is the assurance of being able to start a certain form of financial independence and of being able to develop your various professional or personal projects through your label.

The speed of implementation at SUXYS® allows you to quickly start promoting and developing the radiance of your label. The faster you start, the faster you will start to reap the rewards of your work.

So don't hesitate to contact us at hello@suxys.com. Launch your SUXYS® label in a few clicks.