What is the “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” Business pack?

What is the “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” Business pack?

First of all it is the most complete label pack of S plansUXYS® and it can correspond to everyone but on this type of pack, the Business pack " PRIVATE BANK LABEL »Is aimed more specifically at companies with a significant number of employees (+ 100 employees) and whose credibility and brand image with customers is well established. Indeed a Business pack " PRIVATE BANK LABEL Is added value and a complementary offer that you can offer to your customers or employees.

Integrate a Business pack « PRIVATE BANK LABEL »To your company allows you to offer your employees to integrate your label in order to provide them with a secure multi-currency account for the payment of the various bonuses to which your employees are entitled. All transactions will be secure and you can operate with ease from your smartphone, tablet or PC. The employee will receive payment of the amount due on their multi-currency payment card and they can instantly use this amount.

The Business pack « PRIVATE BANK LABEL ”From your company allows you to provide your management with a secure account and a multi-currency payment card for the various costs inherent in running your business. Your management will simply pay the various fees using its secure payment method.

The Business pack « PRIVATE BANK LABEL Allows your company to define an amount to be allocated for costs and to make funds available immediately on your employees' multi-currency accounts.

A Business pack « PRIVATE BANK LABEL For your company makes it possible to provide your employees with a multi-currency payment card for the payment of the amounts defined for the catering of your employees, no more need for a restaurant voucher of an insufficient amount.

The Business pack « PRIVATE BANK LABEL Integrated into your company gives the possibility of defining the meal budget of your employees, making the monthly payment and your employees only have to manage their meal budget more simply.

Thanks to a Business pack “ PRIVATE BANK LABEL »You simplify your company's costs and premiums budget. So don't hesitate, contact us at hello@suxys.com .Launch your SUXYS® label in a few clicks.