You are looking for a service provider in the Netherlands specializing in the creation of a Financial Institution in the Netherlands, the creation of a Company Branch or a foreign Financial Institution in the Netherlands or the creation of a Foreign Company subsidiary or of a Financial Institution in the Netherlands?

So welcome to SUXYS®, our support solution for the creators of a Financial Institution (Company in the Netherlands + Financial License in the Netherlands, Branch in the Netherlands + Financial License in the Netherlands, Subsidiary in the Netherlands + Financial License in the Netherlands -Bas) in Belize is specially created and specialized in the establishment of your financial institution in the Netherlands, the constitution of the bank license application file in the Netherlands, but also the creation, hosting, customization of your site internet and your customer area.

SUXYS® supports entrepreneurs and financial institutions in the Netherlands in their plans to create a Financial Institution in the Netherlands and for the constitution of their legal files and as part of their compliance with the authorities in the Netherlands in charge Financial or banking licenses.

SUXYS® offers a complete service to its users but also a panel of digital tools for the creation of their Banks in the Netherlands, Electronic Payments Institution in the Netherlands, Financial Brokerage Company in the Netherlands, Financial Investments Company in Netherlands, Bank Credit Company in the Netherlands, E-Wallet Cryptocurrency Providers in the Netherlands and other ICO Creator in the Netherlands.




Bank creation in the Netherlands

Complete offer of SUXYS® for the creation of a Bank in the Netherlands, Our offer includes the main elements of the creation of a bank in the Netherlands as well as the application for a Banking License in the Netherlands. Our Local Accountants, Lawyers and other Agents SUXYS® assists companies or entrepreneurs in their procedures and in the constitution of the application file for a banking license in the Netherlands.

Complete Package for the creation of a Banking or Financial Institution in the Netherlands: 


Deadline for setting up a Financial or Banking Institution in the Netherlands and Obtaining the Banking License in the Netherlands? 

The time taken to create a Financial or Banking Institution in the Netherlands is relatively quick on average 7 days (Regarding the creation of your Financial Company in the Netherlands). The application for a banking or financial license in the Netherlands is on average 1 to 3 months depending on the file and the banking or financial project of the applicant company.

What are the documents to apply for a Banking License in the Netherlands from the financial services and local authorities in the Netherlands: 

As part of a complete mission and a study of your file, the agents SUXYS® can create the documentation for your Dutch banking license application. We prepare all the documents so that your application fulfills all the demands of the local financial services and authorities in the Netherlands.







What is a Banking License in the Netherlands?

The Banking License in the Netherlands is the most comprehensive Financial Institution License in the Netherlands, it offers the financial institution a large number of advantages and the possibility of providing its clients with a panel full of services. 

How to open a central bank account for a bank in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands Banking License offers the possibility of obtaining a bank account opening with the central bank in the Netherlands. SUXYS® supports its clients in this process and in providing documents concerning the opening of a central bank account in the Netherlands. 

How to open a correspondent bank account for a Financial or Banking Institution in the Netherlands?

SUXYS® supports its clients who have a financial or banking institution in the Netherlands as part of their introductions to banks as part of the opening of a corresponding bank account (This type of account will be used by your bank in the Netherlands in order to to be able to provide your customers with multi-currency bank accounts but also to facilitate your transactions and transfer of capital but also within the framework of securing your customers' funds).

How to register with SWIFT services and get a SWIFT code for Bank in the Netherlands? 

SUXYS® supports its clients and users who have a Financial or Banking Institution in the Netherlands in order to make their introduction as well as the file in order to obtain a unique SWIFT identifier for their banks in the Netherlands or Bank Subsidiary in the Netherlands .

How to Obtain the Bank Card service (Debit or Credit) from suppliers such as MasterCard or Visa or the Prepaid Cards of the SUXYS® Network?

As part of its SUXYS missions® offers its customers an introductory service with Prepaid or Connected Bank Card (Debit or Credit) suppliers and network with Visa or Mastercard Services but also with SUXYS CARD services® or from providers and other providers of this type of service (Credit Card - Debit Card - Prepaid Payment Card) for banks and other financial or banking institutions in the Netherlands.

What are the Requirements of Financial Authorities and Financial Services in the Netherlands?

As part of its SUXYS missions® supports its clients in the context of bringing their banks into compliance in the Netherlands, our specialized agents in the context of administrative procedures with the financial and control authorities in the Netherlands assist and advise you in order to respond to all requests from the financial authorities in the Netherlands.

How to obtain a Bank Creation Offer in the Netherlands with the assistance of SUXYS® services?

If you would like to receive an offer for the services of setting up a bank in the Netherlands, you just have to make the request by phone, live chat, email at info (@) suxys.com.