What does my label contain at SUXYS ®?

What does my label contain at SUXYS ®?

It's not just a simple label, it's ” PRIVATE BANK LABEL " or one " BITCOIN BANK LABEL”. You
configure it to your image and what you want it to reflect to your customers. Your
label is totally imagined and created by you through our creation department and
production SUXYS®.
Your label consists of a showcase site, i.e. the first visual visible to your future customers
who can get an idea of ​​what your label offers. A showcase site must be clear and precise of
the offer you offer. It must contain all the important information of your label. A website
showcase also contains a registration form for your prospects and which will allow them
to subscribe to your proposed offer.

Once the registration has been validated, the label contains the E-banking dedicated to your label. E-banking is the automated management of your customers' multi-currency account. It allows them to carry out all the necessary checks on their multi-service account such as the available balance, recent payments or future transfers.

You will also have control over the payment card with the possibility of blocking or unblocking the payment but also of ordering a new one. The E-banking of your label allows the total management of your multi-service account. The E-banking of your label is fully automated.
The label also contains all the legal notices that must appear when creating a label. No worries about these formalities SUXYS® takes care of everything.

A label " PRIVATE BANK LABEL " or " BITCOIN BANK LABEL »It is a complete and detailed offer. An all-inclusive label.

So don't hesitate, contact us at hello@suxys.com. Launch your label SUXYS® a few clicks.