What are the functions of a “PRIVATE BANK LABEL”?

What are the functions of a “PRIVATE BANK LABEL”?

With a "PRIVATE BANK LABEL ” you have a label in your image and which corresponds to what you have defined with the creation and configuration department of SUXYS®.

Le “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” it's the branding you need to deliver a complete experience to your customers.

The features of your “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” it's the ability to open multi-currency accounts for your customers. That is to say that your customers will be identified as such on your label they will have access to this account thanks to the access codes that your “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” will provide them.

Un “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” allows your customers to be provided with a multi-currency payment card. It allows your customers to make payments on bank terminals in shops or shopping centers. The multi-currency payment card also allows online payment for your purchases.

Provide a ”PRIVATE BANK LABEL“ to your customers it is the assurance of being able to make internal transfers without charge, but also to make transfers to external accounts. The transfer is available on your ”PRIVATE BANK LABEL“

Un ”PRIVATE BANK LABEL” includes a technical support service to best guide you in the event of a malfunction or installation of your label. Technical support will assure you the best answer to your question.

The functionality of a “PRIVATE BANK LABEL” are easy to use and fully automated.

So don't hesitate, contact us at hello@suxys.comLaunch your label SUXYS® a few clicks.