What documents do I need to provide to create the label for my company?

What documents do I need to provide to create the label for my company?

SUXYS® provides you with two types of labels and four action plans per label.

Once your choice of label for your company as well as the plan for the label of your company is made you will have some administrative procedures to provide to SUXYS® before the start of the configuration of the label of your company. Rest assured the steps are very simple and require only a short time.

First of all for any new collaboration, we will ask you for the creation of your label 3 documents:

- A BOARDING LABEL, ie information relating to your label, such as the name you want to use, information on the creator and holder of the label, the choice of payment card offered by your label. In short, the identification of your label.

- A SET-UP LABEL will be the second document to provide with quite simply the choice of your plan for the label of your company.

- An ACCESS ACCOUNT will be given to us, these are the usernames and passwords to access and recognize you when you connect to the label of your company, there will also be the affiliation code that you want to integrate into your label company, it is important because it will allow you to affiliate customers or employees who are interested in joining your label and thus receive commissions (please note that remuneration only concerns certain packs)

Once these 3 documents have been completed, you will have an identification form to give us in the name of the creator of the label:

  • If you do it in your own name, you will have the PRIVATE FORM to provide. It is all information related to your identity.
  • If you do it on behalf of your company, you will have the COMPANY FORM to provide. This is all information relating to the identification of your company.

You will only have one of the two forms to provide us according to your choice for the creator of your label.

When these 4 documents duly completed, the documents necessary for the creation of your company label will be complete.

If you want to order a new card, you will have to fill in a CARD ORDER to order your multi-currency payment card for your company's label. You will have the customization of it to indicate the choices offered on the form.

If you have a transfer to make you will have a FRANSFER FORM to send us.

4 documents must be provided, these are simple but complete steps to take (BOARDING LABEL, SET UP LABEL, ACCESS ACCOUNT, PRIVATE FORM or COMPANY FORM according to your choice) and 2 additional documents if necessary (CARD ORDER and TRANSFER FORM)

So don't hesitate, contact us at hello@suxys.com.Launch your SUXYS® label in a few clicks.