What is E-banking?

What is E-banking?

E-banking is the digital platform on which the customers of your label and yourself
would have access. Each user will have their personal E-banking access thanks to the creation of a
user account which will provide personal access to E-banking (password, username).
As the creator of a “PRIVATE BANK LABEL“, You will also have your access to your E-banking
through your personal access. Any access to E-banking requires personal identifiers
to keep your multi-currency account confidential.

E-banking is the fully automated management of activities and payments made with the multi-currency payment card. Once connected to E-banking, it is possible to access all its information with a few very simple and rapid manipulations of the strictly personal identifiers provided.

E-banking allows you to view and monitor your transactions with a complete and detailed summary.

You also have the balance of your multi-currency account available on your E-banking.
Payment card ordering, blocking and unblocking of it are also available. You will be able to see your multi-currency account numbers, issue transfer and payment orders.

In summary, E-banking is the automated management of your activities and the opportunity in just a few clicks to carry out transactions.

E-banking is easy to use and provides a clear and detailed view of everything you have done since opening your “PRIVATE BANK LABETHE".

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