The advantages of a “PRIVATE LABEL” (BANQUE OR BITCOIN BANQUE) for my transport company?

The advantages of a “PRIVATE LABEL” (BANQUE OR BITCOIN BANQUE) for my transport company?

Many of you in the transport world want to offer your company an automated and autonomous solution for the management of expenses, cards, trips, accommodation of your employees as part of their jobs.

Discover the SUXYS solution for transport companies (people, goods, etc.) specially created for companies and transport professionals, the “PRIVATE LABEL” solution offers independence and additional security for fleet managers. The “PRIVATE LABEL” offers transport companies an online solution for creating, managing, centralizing and personalizing their needs and services in terms of managing their professional finances.

Offer your company the possibility of creating its own employee accounts! its own prepaid and rechargeable cards (Tokens, Tokens, Credits, Currencies) (Logo + Slogan + Color Code)! its personalized visual interface with the company's logo and slogan! An account management interface for each employee!

Evolution ? Yes at any time you can upgrade your “PRIVATE LABEL”:

1 - Change of Plan


The Accounting Benefits:

1 - Monthly invoice

2 - Online management of employee portfolios

3 - Remote blocking of means of payment

4 - Remote charging

5 - 0,00% transfer fees & internal recharge of credits, tokens, tokens, currencies

Benefits for Businesses

1 - Payment of costs (Partner contract)

2 - Customizable label (Logo, Slogan)

3 - Choice of plans according to type of business (small, medium, large)

4 - Multi-Payment Mode

5 - Recharge of credits, tokens, tokens, customizable currencies (Logo, Slogan) (Color code of the company)

6 - Customizable Prepaid and Rechargeable Card (Logo, Slogan) (Color code of the company)

7 - Private Label (Domain name, Hosting) (Logo, Slogan) (Color code of the company)

8 - Multicurrency Label Account

9 - Legal Structure with Limited Liability (Ltd - UK)

10 - Label Manager

Manage your employees' expenses with your own “PRIVATE LABEL”!

The “PRIVATE LABEL” for transport companies offers their managers the possibility of managing all the expenses of their employees from a single platform (“Private Label” with the logo and slogan of the company, color code of the company, domain name).

Payment and configuration of the costs of your “PRIVATE LABEL”!

Have you already calculated the total cost of managing your corporate bank account? With the “PRIVATE LABEL” solution you receive and configure the costs yourself. (Only for Business - Start Up Plans)

Do you now want to create your “PRIVATE LABEL” for your transport company?

You can make a request directly online on our website or you can contact our customer service by email at and in your customer area in the contact section.